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Internship thesis R&D

| Motion Control Engineer
Salvagnini Italia S.p.A., Italy

If you're a student interested to proposed arguments , if you like challenges , if you like an internation enviroment , you're the right one! Keep in touch with us a few month before last exams. The project duration is calculated around six month of «deep dive» . Apply your knowledges on a real case and live the «factory enviroment », working side by side with expertise designers

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- Position control in a sensorless IPM synchronous motor drive: Proposed research aims to implement and test a novel control strategy to properly estimate and properly control position of a sensorless IPM synchronous motor drive.
- Tool radius compensation.
- Accelerometer aided position in industrial servo drives.
- Connection MD: It's a feeding connection of Salvagnini machines consisting of a shelf warehouse in which there are packs of raw material, a suction cup manipulator, and a conveyor.
- Connection MCU: It is a connection consisting of a brush conveyor, a centering ruler and two Cartesian manipulators equipped with suction cups / magnets. MCU is a connection used for loading or unloading processed sheets.
- Pattern matching: photo vs. DXF
- Sheet detection