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Open positions are listed in the WORK WITH US/JOB OPPORTUNITIES section. With one click you can apply for a specific position or submit a spontaneous application.

Applications received by email or post will not, however, be considered.

Our Human Resources team maps the applications it receives on a daily basis. If your CV is deemed to be of interest for a position that is open, it will automatically be included in the selection process. Otherwise it will be kept in our database for 24 months: during this time you may be contacted if there is concrete interest in your skills.

Our selection process comprises:

  • an initial evaluation of the CV’s received, with a view to identifying those profiles that most closely match the position available;
  • a telephone interview to give you an idea of us and the vacancy we have, during which we share with you a number of key aspects of the position available;
  • possibly a subsequent more in-depth interview with the Human Resources Manager and the person who would be your line manager, so as to get a better idea of your technical and soft skills;
  • if necessary, we may organize a video conference interview, as an alternative or in addition to the personal interview;
  • in some cases, it may be necessary to take psychometric and technical tests which supplement, but do not replace, the interview;
  • in all cases, you will receive feedback, be it positive or negative, at the end of the selection process.

The selection process also includes group assessment for recent graduates and school-leavers.
The duration of the selection process may vary according to the position available but we will keep you updated on progress.

Internships for school-leavers, graduates or undergraduates constitute one of the main entry routes to Salvagnini: they offer an excellent opportunity to get to know the Company and to develop, on the field, skills useful for employment. Internships are linked to specific projects to be carried out in various areas of the Company and generally have a duration of six months.

If you are interested, you can send us a spontaneous application indicating:

  • the area of the Company you are interested in;
  • the subject you would like to develop;
  • the period you would be available for.

CV’s remain in our database for 24 months. You can update your curriculum at any time and reaffirm your availability for professional opportunities.

Consult the job offers to see whether there are any opportunities in line with your career path at the foreign branch of your choice. Alternatively, send us a spontaneous application stating that you are willing to work abroad and specifying the geographical area in which you would like to work.
Remember that in these cases it is essential to speak at least two languages fluently: English and the language of the country where the branch you are applying for is located.

Yes indeed! At Salvagnini we definitely encourage professional development programs! We invest in talent and we give our staff the opportunity to apply for internal positions, providing training and skill development courses. We offer opportunities for personal growth in line with professional aspirations, background and specialization.

We support the growth of our resources through training programs for developing both technical and soft skills. We systematically support the development of the skills and know-how needed to achieve both current and future goals.