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Mechanical Engineering Thesis Projects

| Mec Engineer
Salvagnini Italia S.p.A., Italien

Are you graduating and are you looking for an innovative project? Are you interested in mechanical design and FEM analysis? We have the perfect project for you!

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For grad students in Engineering:
- Energy efficiency of the pneumatic plant of a Cartesian sheet metal manipulator (mechanical and pneumatic design)
- Development of energy-efficient devices for horizontal and vertical handling of sheet metal transport systems (mechanical and kinematic design)
- Structural and modal analysis of a new gantry structure for high-dynamic machine tools (mechanical design and FEM analysis)
- Design of a Cartesian manipulator for composite machine tools and its structural and modal analysis (mechanical design, FEM analysis and materials engineering)
- Design of a quick-release device for waste collection drawers (mechanical and kinematic design)
- Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis of a laser head (mechanical design, CFD analysis)
- Design of a bench to subject one or more machine parts to inertial stresses arising from the operation of the machine tool (mechanical design and automation, vibration mechanics)
- Development of a multi-sensor for sheet metal working (mechanical design and automation)
The following skills are required:
- For modelling: CAD-3D, Creo4
- For structural analyses: Ansys